Why Join AAA?
See the Many Reasons.

Over the years, we've discovered that people usually join AAA so they can make use of our high-quality travel and automotive services. But what they soon realize is that there are many additional ways that their membership can and will come in handy. Regardless of whether you have standard coverage or AAA Plus, you can feel certain that reliable service and our solid reputation stand behind you.



1. The Many Benefits of a PLUS Membership

  • Up to 100 Miles Emergency Road Service
  • Reimbursement at Commercial Rates if AAA Service is Unavailable
  • Up to $600 Accident Away From Home Protection
  • Stolen Car Protection
  • Up to $1,000 Legal Fee Reimbursement
  • Emergency Extrication Service
  • Free Gas & Delivery
  • Lock & Key Service
  • $2000 Car Theft Reward
  • Free Passport Photos

Call our Member Services Department at (973) 956-2245 for more details.

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2. Nationwide Emergency Road Service*

Our 24-hour helping hand throughout the continental United States and Canada rescues millions of members - as drivers or passengers - each year by:

  • Changing flat tires.
  • Jump-starting dead batteries or installing new batteries on the scene.
  • Unlocking your vehicle:
    AAA Plus Lockout Service includes automotive key and lock service and up to $100 for parts and labor when necessary to make the car operable or to gain entry.
  • Making minor adjustments to start your vehicle or providing towing, if necessary, to the service provider's station or repair facility of your choice. AAA Plus Members receive up to 100 free towing miles.
  • Delivering fuel to stranded members. AAA Plus includes delivery of a sufficient quantity of fuel to enable you to reach an open service station.
  • Extrication - AAA Plus allows two service vehicles and two drivers.

You may call upon Emergency Road Service through the nearest AAA office, or call our own nationwide toll-free service number, 1-800-AAA-HELP. Emergency Road Service is provided to four-wheeled cars or light trucks that a AAA member is driving or riding in.

Assistance is limited by the safe maximum lifting capacity of equipment used by the service provider when lifting is necessary. (Dual-wheeled pickup trucks are covered for towing if the truck that arrives can safely lift them. Dual-wheeled pickups are also covered for other services, except tire service on the dual wheels.)

*For more information and complete details about your coverage and extended options, please review the information in the Automotive section of this Web site.

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3. Auto Travel Planning

Our experienced auto travel counselors routinely assist members with vacation and business travel plans.

  • TripTiks®: Personalized strip maps with marked driving routes, including information on lodging, food and gas.
  • Up-to-date reports of detours, construction and areas of strict law enforcement.
  • TourBooks®: Travel guides, lodging directories.
  • Advance hotel and motel reservation service.
  • Guaranteed AAA rates at many hotels, motels, resorts and campgrounds approved by AAA.
  • Full support from 1,000 AAA offices nationwide.

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4. AAA Travel Agency

Worldwide connections are as close as your computer, phone or AAA branch office.

  • Independent or escorted tours for individuals or groups.
  • Reservations and tickets for air, motorcoach, rail and cruise travel.
  • Discounted car rentals.
  • 24-hour discounts for off-airport parking at some locations.
  • International driving permits.
  • Foreign travel guides and road maps.

AAA Plus provides $300,000 of protection for accidental death and dismemberment every time you travel on a regularly scheduled common carrier with tickets purchased through your AAA Travel Agency.

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5. Auto and Homeowners Insurance

Automobile, Homeowner, Condominium and Renters Insurance is Underwritten by AAA Mid-Atlantic Insurance Company of New Jersey. For a complete review of your Insurance needs or to request a no obligation quote please call AAA Mid-Atlantic Insurance Company of New Jersey at 877-441-6300 or call (973) 956-2226. To request a quotation for Recreational Vehicles, Motorcycles, Boats or for Flood Insurance, please contact AAA Mid-Atlantic Insurance Agency at (800) 994-4222.

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6. Auto Financial Services

  • Car Buying Service - Save time and money with hassle-free, pre-negotiated AAA prices on new cars, trucks and vans.
  • Financing - Apply online or over the phone for pre-approved AAA member financing at competitive rates for new and used automobiles as well as refinancing.
  • Mechanical Repair Agreements - Seven years or 100,000 miles worth of the ultimate guarantee in auto repair protection and peace of mind.

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7. American Express Travelers Cheques®

Protect your vacation. Bring along peace of mind with American Express Travelers Cheques. They're widely recognized and accepted like cash around the world, yet they're easily replaced if they're lost or stolen. American Express Travelers Cheques are available in U.S. and foreign currencies at most AAA offices. And there's no fee for AAA members!

Cheques For Two® offer all the valuable benefits of American Express Travelers Cheques with double the convenience. Both you and your traveling companion can use them, but only one of you needs to be present to purchase your Cheques. And now, exclusively at AAA, Cheques For Two are available free of charge to members.

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8. Attraction/Lodging Discounts

Exclusive savings year-round on all types of entertainment, attractions and movie tickets, plus special discounted hotel and resort accommodations.

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9. Passport Photos

AAA members receive color passport photos at discount prices. Passport photos are available in each AAA North Jersey Office.

  • Plus members entitled to one free set of passport photos per year ($.70 tax).
  • Basic membership $10.70 (includes tax).
  • Non-members - $16.05 (includes tax).
  • Passport Fees 
  • Age 16 and older: The passport application fee is $110. The execution fee is $25. The total is: $135.
  • Under Age 16: The passport application fee is $80. The execution fee is $25. The total is $105.00
  • Passport Renewal Fees $110.00

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10. AAA/Visa® Card

Members may apply for the AAA/Visa® credit card featuring:

  • Up to 5% Gas Rebate at the Pump.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Free Credit Gard® for lost or stolen credit cards.
  • Free travel accident policy.*
  • Cash access through automated teller machines worldwide.
  • Collision/loss damage protection on car rentals.

*Varies per type of card.

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11. Legal Fee Reimbursement**

AAA pays for certain legal protection when members are charged with moving violations of the motor vehicle laws.

Legal assistance is available to you through AAA if you are cited for a moving traffic violation (excluding cases involving liquor or narcotics and parking violations), or when you need advice concerning ownership or operation of an automobile. Your legal fees will be reimbursed according to our schedule. Naturally, members are responsible for any fines the court may impose. If a member is entitled to reimbursement for defense in court, he/she is NOT entitled to reimbursement for legal advice in the same matter.

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12. Car Rental Discounts

Whether you need to rent a car for business or pleasure, club members save on Hertz® car rentals with their special AAA discount rental card. Recognized all over the world, this card helps members save on rentals in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and other exotic locales. To make your reservations, simply call a local AAA office during regular business hours or phone Hertz® directly at 1-800-654-3080 (in Oklahoma call 1-800-522-3711).

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13. Theft Reward

AAA North Jersey members receive a $500 reward sticker to be placed in a conspicuous location on your automobile. This informs would-be-thieves that AAA is willing to pay $500 to the person (other than the owner of the car or law enforcement personnel involved in the arrest) who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing your vehicle.

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14. Guaranteed Arrest Bond

Your membership card is good for up to $1,000 arrest bond in most court jurisdictions for many motor vehicle offenses. Local authorities

will accept your membership card in lieu of cash, and you do not need to contact AAA. The member must notify AAA North Jersey as soon as possible after using this bond. For your convenience, please keep the certificate with your membership card. If lost or misplaced, you can call 1-877-720-2530 or visit your local AAA branch office.

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15. Club Publication

AAA North Jersey members receive our full-color, bimonthly tabloid, The Traveler. This publication is brimming with fascinating feature stories on the world's most exciting destinations, member news and valuable information on money-saving AAA tours and other member benefits.

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16. Safety Programs

AAA members support life-saving safety programs including: school safety patrols, high school driver education support, and "school's open" and other safety poster programs. We also lend safety films, provide traffic safety lectures and workshops, and pedestrian protection, along with motoring and bicycle safety campaigns.

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17. Legislative Programs

AAA continually evaluates and responds to legislation and regulatory measures that directly affect motorists and travelers. Our concern is to protect your interests as a motorist, to insure that automobile drivers are not the target of discriminatory legislation and to promote safer and more efficient transportation.

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**Charges involving driving while under the influence of intoxicating beverages, drugs or narcotics, or driving on a suspended or revoked driver's permit will make members ineligible for Legal Service Reimbursement, Trip Continuance, Guaranteed Arrest Bond or Bail Bond.

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