AAA TourBook guide with eco icon

Find AAA Approved and Diamond Rated hotels that are eco-certified.
A bold green ECO icon identifies eco-certified hotels in AAA's digital and printed travel information products. On, choose the icon to show green properties first in your hotel search results.

AAA does not evaluate any property’s environmental practices. Tourbook
We rely on the expertise of widely accepted organizations in this field to provide information we can share with members. The list of government and private programs represented by the icon will continue to change with developments in sustainable travel.

AAA hotel listings are packed with valuable decision making information. Additional icons mark services, activities and amenities such as pool, child care and pets accepted. Diamond ratings identify the level of service, from no-frills to luxury. These attributes are also available as hotel search options on Trust AAA to help you find the perfect match for the occasion.

AAA’s regional TourBook guides are updated annually and free to members. Before your next trip, request the latest editions for your destination — plus maps, TripTik routings, hotel reservations, and more — on or through your local club office.