Membership Programs
CAA Niagara has developed specific membership programs designed to provide individual motorists with the correct level of service.
CAA Niagara Member Handbook
Membership Fees
A CAA membership makes a great gift - for any occasion!

Primary Membership

The Basic CAA membership is a comprehensive package including road, travel, financial and personal security benefits.

Associate Membership

Associate membership are available to members of your family (spouse or dependent children under the age of 25) An Associate member must reside at the same residence as the Primary member and be over the age of 16. The cost of an Associate membership is considerably less than the Primary membership and contains no enrolment fee.

Plus Membership

A CAA Plus membership is recommended for medium or high mileage drivers, frequent travellers, or owners of motorcycles and special interest automobiles. CAA Plus provides the ultimate in protection, service and value.

Plus RV

CAA Plus RV coverage will extend CAA Plus service to dual wheel type vans, campers, motorhomes and trailers. A CAA Plus RV member may need to arrange private service if special or heavy equipment is required. If CAA service is requested and unavailable at the place of disablement, CAA Plus RV coverage extends protection to include reimbursement at prevailing commercial rates for service obtained from a commercial facility nearest the breakdown location.

Please note: Due to a large financial exposure, CAA Plus or Plus RV services and/or reimbursements are not available until 48 hours after enrolment as a Plus or Plus RV member.

Money Back Guarantee

Under certain conditions, there is a 30-day, full money back guarantee as long as no member services have been used. All requests for membership refunds must be made in writing and include your membership card.

CAA Niagara wants you to get the most from your club membership.

2007 Membership Fees
Primary Primary Associate Plus Plus Associate Plus RV Plus RV Associate
$78 $38 $118 $78 $178 $138
Fee Includes GST and a $12 enrollment fee on new memberships

2007 Renewal Fees
Primary Primary Associate Plus Plus Associate Plus RV Plus RV Associate
$66 $38 $106 $78 $166 $138

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Member Benefits

CAA Magazine

CAA Magazine is your Member publication that keeps you well informed with the latest news in domestic and international travel, automotive tips and lifestyle activities. The magazine is mailed to you quarterly.

Approved Auto Repair Services

CAA Niagara endorses certain select auto service outlets after they have passed rigorous examinations by qualified inspectors. Only after meeting these stringent conditions are they allowed to display the Approved Auto Repair Service sign. Approved garages provide members with a one-year/20,000 kilomtre warranty on all work performed. In the event of a dispute over price or service, the AARS® facility has agreed to let CAA Niagara be the final arbitrator.

Emergency Cheque Cashing

Members in good standing who find themselves stranded without cash more than 80km (50 miles) from home may cash a personal cheque for up to $100 at most CAA/AAA affiliated offices in Canada and the U.S. (Limit: two cheques within any 30-day period).

Trip Accident Assistance

If you are involved in a reportable motor vehicle accident involving collision more than 160 km (100 miles) away from home, we will reimburse you for unforseen expenses resulting from that accident up to a limit of $300 (Cdn). This benefit applies for up to 72 hours after the accident and covers one of the following:

  • Rental car (from a licenced car rental agency)
  • Local lodging and meals
  • Commercial transportation to your destination or home.
  • Receipts are required for expenses to be claimed, as well as a copy of the police or insurance report. The member must be driving at the time of the accident.

    Bail Bond Service

    When travelling in the U.S., a traffic violation could result in "bail or jail". CAA Niagara will provide any necessary bail bond and pay the fine, through the nearest AAA club on your behalf. Upon your return home, we will bill you only for the fine paid, plus court costs. Please note: Excluded are those offences involving alcohol or drugs, failure to appear on prior traffic convictions, driving with a suspended licence, or criminal code offences. If detained by the police, present your membership card and/or contact the nearest AAA office. Failure to reimburse the club for fines paid on your behalf will result in cancellation of membership.

    Legal Defence Benefits

    If you're charged with a traffic offence anywhere in the world, and legal defence is recommended, CAA Niagara will reimburse a lawyer or paralegal chosen by the member according to CAA Niagara's schedule of fees (CAA PLUS doubles coverage). Excluded are parking offences, all cases involving intoxicating beverages and drugs or violations under the Criminal Code of Canada.

    Theft and Hit-and-Run Rewards

    A reward of $500 (Cdn) is offered to any person who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person who steals a member's car, boat (excluding outboard motor), or snowmobile, or of a hit-and-run driver who causes personal injury to a member (police, vehicle owner, and immediate family are excluded from the reward).

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