AAA License and Title Services

AAA North Penn provides Authorized On - Line PennDOT Messenger Services at all seven of our regional offices. This allows us the opportunity to process numerous transactions INSTANTLY. Please refer to our home page for the office nearest you. AAA North Penn processes transactions for members and non members as well. Discounted transaction fees apply to AAA Members only. If you are not a member you have the option to join AAA and save. State fees also apply.

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AAA North Penn can instantly renew your vehicle registration with the following information:


  • Current Dated Insurance Card
  • Odometer Reading from your Vehicle


You will be issued a new registration card, sticker, and if the transaction applies, a new plate.


Retired Status Registration:


AAA North Penn will assist customers who qualify for retired status registration. The reduced vehicle registration renewal fee is $10.00


Lost, stolen, never received registration card, sticker or plate, will be processed instantly when you provide the following:


  • Current Valid PA Drivers License
  • Vehicle Identification/Title Number


State and Service Fees Apply * Please refer to the home page for a listing of the AAA North Penn office nearest you.


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Notary Services Available to Member and Non Members


*We are not attorneys licensed to practice law in this Commonwealth. We are not allowed to draft legal records, give advice on legal matters, including immigration or charge a fee for these activities.


Contact Us –

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AAA North Penn will renew your PA Driver’s license instantly. You will be issued a camera card, and if your license has expired allows you to drive immediately, upon receiving your camera card you’ll have 30 days to have your new photo taken at a PA Authorized Driver License Center.


We can replace your lost or stolen driver’s license when presented with the acceptable form of identification.


Acceptable forms of Identification


  • PA Photo Driver’s License (signed)
  • PA Photo Identification Card (signed)
  • PA Photo Exempt Driver’s License
  • U.S. Armed Forces Common Access Card –
  • Weapons Permit – photo, signature, and ID number
  • Signed Social Security Card
  • Permanent Reside Card (Green Card or I-5551) – photograph and serial number (non US Citizens
  • Medicare Card – serial number and signature

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As an issuer of temporary tags our trained and proficient counselors can assist you with all types of titling transactions, whether purchasing a vehicle in PA or establishing residency in PA. If establishing residency within the state AAA North Penn can assist obtaining your title if held by a lien holder.

As a service to you, stop in anyone of our seven locations with your vehicle credit information and we’ll contact the lien holder to obtain your original title for you. Without your vehicle title PA state law prohibits any agency from issuing plates.

Titling an out of state vehicle in PA the following documentation is needed. If, proper documentation is presented a vehicle plate and registration will be issued instantly.

  • A clear tracing of the vehicle identification number
  • Verification of the vehicle ID number by a PA Certified Vehicle Safety Inspection Mechanic
  • Proof of PA insurance, such as a binder, or Declaration page
  • If the vehicle was purchased within the last six months, a sales tax receipt
  • The current odometer reading
  • A valid PA Drivers License


All owners named or being named on the title must be present

Title & Registering a PA Vehicle – To receive a plate and current registration instantly

please provide the following:


  • Title (all owners named or being named on the title must be present)
  • Current identification for both seller and purchaser
  • Proof of PA insurance/binder, current dated insurance card or declaration page
  • If transferring a plate from another vehicle/ current dated registration card


Duplicate Title:

To process an application for a duplicate title provide


  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Title Number
  • All parties named on the title must be present

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For instant replacement of a plate never received, lost or stolen can be obtained by providing the following:


  • Current Plate Number
  • Vehicle Identification Number/Title number
  • Valid PA Drivers License


Vanity Plate – Personalize your license plate


  • Current Plate Number
  • Vehicle Identification Number/Title Number
  • This transaction takes 6 – 8 weeks to process


Special Interest Plates:

PennDOT offers a variety of special interest plates, contact us for details.

AAA North Penn process numerous transactions, including persons with disability parking placard/registration plate, specially constructed trailers, driving records, reconstructed vehicles and motorcycle transactions. For information on any vehicle or drivers licensing transactions contact your nearest AAA North Penn office or contact us at

State and Service Fees Apply